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Innovation Delivered

Cloud & Blockchain Specialists

We are technology strategists and delivery experts, specialising in the latest technologies such as Cloud, Blockchain and Automation. Clients consult us before embarking upon major programmes of work.
Agile Drive
Agile Drive is a proprietary methodology that helps our clients to repeatedly and predictably deliver successful projects.
Blockchain & Distributed Ledger
Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology is growing rapidly and changing how businesses operate.
Innovation Culture
Innovation culture is a work environment that leaders cultivate in order to nurture disruptive and unorthodox thinking. We can help your organisation establish an innovation lab.
Delivery Audit
Our Delivery Audits are designed to be executed in very small windows. We identify, investigate and rectify any issues in your delivery.
Enterprise Automation
Many business processes can be automated away, reducing costs and helping organisations to become highly efficient.
We can enable your organisation to deliver as we do with Continuous Integration, Continuous Inspection, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment.
Cloud Strategy
Forward-thinking organisations turn to us to help them understand the complexities and risks involved in cloud adoption and also to design, build, test and run cloud services.
Enterprise Delivery
Delivery is the most important aspect of technology. We are able to spin up full end-to-end delivery teams on demand.
By moving to Microservices, your applications will be far more resilient, flexible, scalable, extensible and technology-agnostic.
Rapid Prototyping
Our deep technical expertise and Agile Drive lab provides the perfect marriage to support Proof of Concept and Rapid Prototyping exercises.
Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses seeking to remain competitive and relevant as the world becomes increasingly digital.

Technology Expertise