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Technology Strategy

Before committing to a plan which requires major investment of time and capital, it is critical to ensure your technology strategy is the right fit for your business goals. Our trusted advisors can help you assess and adopt the most appropriate technologies as part of a wider strategy. Our clients benefit from our insights and leverage our deep experience to make decisions which have fundamentally positive impacts for years to come.

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger

We are experts in Blockchain and DLT. We advise on Blockchain adoption, business tokenisation, as well as building Blockchain applications that solve your business problems.


We design, implement and deploy applications in the cloud. We are experts in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Cloud Foundry.

Enterprise Automation

Automating some or all of your business processes can result in huge savings for your business. Our work in automation saves many millions every year for our clients.

Digital Transformation

All industries are rapidly moving towards a future full of companies that are primarily powered by software. We help companies transform their business processes into a digitally enhanced alternative.


Serverless compute services automatically manage the underlying compute resources for you, enabling you to extend AWS services with custom logic, that operate at AWS scale, performance, and security.