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  • Designing the Perfect Block Confirmation Times

    There is no definitive way of choosing the optimal confirmation times for your blockchain. Developers often want longer times, while merchants and business owners often want them shorter. Both options come with their respective merits and pitfalls so ultimately it is up to the development team to decide on what they think works best, but […]

    Smart Contracts for the Mortgage Industry

    The mortgage industry is ripe for disruption. Today’s real estate transactions rely heavily on intermediaries to establish trust; these third parties act on behalf of the buyer, seller, and lender to mitigate the possibility that one of the parties fails to honor their side of the contract. It works, but it’s slow, inefficient, and costly. […]

    How AI and Automation will disrupt your industry in 2018

    Let’s be clear, the conversation about Artificial Intelligence (AI) today is worlds apart from the dystopian images we see depicted in movies such as Blade Runner, I, Robot and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Real developments have been far less glamorous. Nor is the true representation predicated on a physical walking talking robot. This day may […]

    Biased Algorithms and How They Affect Your Business

    Machine learning models are easy to build with a smart team of engineers in the open source world. However, with companies and governments waking up to the problems of algorithmic bias, it is important to make sure that the models used by businesses are not inherently so biased that they make bad decisions, or even […]

    The Three Types of Machine Learning Algorithms

    Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are probably the most used buzzwords today. However, most of the journalists, consumers and businesses don’t really understand the two terms sufficiently well. There are several definitions of AI, with the minimum definition requiring the agent to “see”, “hear” or “read” and take singular decisions based on it. The […]

    Getting Started with Robotic Process Automation

    When the steam engine was invented, followed by the laying of railway tracks, there was both excitement and panic among people. New technology has always caused growing pains and fear in society but each industrial revolution has helped us progress both in terms of efficiency and creativity. Today, we stand at the beginning of what […]

    Artificial Intelligence Is Changing How You Do Business

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has been talked about and debated all over the world media. But there is one echoing conclusion- it is going to change how we do business. According to a survey by Deloitte in the UK, 85% of the top executives plan to invest in AI technologies. 53% of them expect to invest […]

    Proof of Stake and the Future of the Blockchain

    The proof of stake (PoS) protocol is one of the most significant elements of contemporary blockchain architecture. Not only does it provide efficiency, but it is also cost effective and future-proof. As blockchain technology rapidly expands into fields other than cryptocurrency, the Proof of Work (PoW) protocol is being left behind, mainly because of its […]

    Is your AI model Overfitting or Underfitting?

    There’s enormous hype about machine learning for use in business with a number of vendors offering a myriad of solutions.  However, not always is it easy to tell a good vendor from a bad one, especially if you are non-technical in the field. In theory, machine learning is a set of functions or algorithms that […]

    Artificial Intelligence: It’s Real and All Around You

    Killer robots. Threatening humanoids. Robo-apocalypses and evil robots taking over the world. For those of us who have seen movies like Blade Runner, I, Robot, and Ex Machina or read articles in the popular press about artificial intelligence (AI), these scary and sinister buzzwords seem to sum up the term ‘AI’ quite well. Unfortunately, artificial […]