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Innovation Culture

Innovation culture is a work environment that leaders cultivate in order to nurture disruptive and unorthodox thinking and its application.

Workplaces that foster a culture of innovation generally subscribe to the belief that innovation is not the province of top leadership but can come from anyone in the organisation. Innovation cultures are prized by organisations that compete in markets defined by rapid change; maintaining the status quo is insufficient to compete effectively, thus making an innovation culture essential for success.

Innovation cultures are difficult to establish and sustain but are essential for creating competitive differentiation and competitive advantage in the marketplace. Another benefit of creating a culture of innovation is for the sake of staff retention.

We can help your organisation establish an innovation lab.

Creating an innovation lab serves many purposes, but one happy byproduct of such labs is a renewed collaboration between IT and the business, because business innovation is closely tied today to information technologies. A real-world example is the innovation lab at Toyota Financial Services. Vice President and CIO Ron Guerrier started an innovation lab in 2011 for businesspeople to come and kick the tires, so to speak, on new automotive technologies.


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