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What is DevOps?

DevOps is more a philosophy than a very definite set of practices. In the same way though, Agile software development is also a philosophy and it has revolutionised the way software is developed. DevOps recognises that there are still significant gains to be made in the world of systems and infrastructure.

Continuous integration, continuous deployment and infrastructure as code are some of the practices that are part of the DevOps culture. New technologies such as Puppet, Docker and cloud-based infrastructure are enabling faster more cost-effective deployment and monitoring of software.

Why should you be thinking about DevOps??

Why should you be thinking about DevOps?

Agile sprints can be brought to a grinding halt if procuring, configuring and promoting code to a server take weeks. The hardware (real and virtual) and the configuration of those systems need to be brought into the quick feedback and improvement cycle. Most software teams are already doing agile, or striving for it – but those gains can be wiped out if a deployment cycle or build cycle takes weeks not minutes.

If a server goes down, or the database server disk space is full – how long would it take your company to get it fixed? How much would it cost you in lost customers or profits?

Without a culture that truly integrates Development and IT Operations your teams are still going as slow as your most fickle piece of configuration. When your systems are down, it’s your business reputations and profits that suffer.

How can we help?

DevOps is certainly more than just a change of job title. It requires new technologies, new skills and a change in the way teams think about infrastructure and themselves. Pioneer Labs guides and transforms cross-functional teams at every level with real-world changes that make impacts immediately. As an example the difference between a DevOps transformed enterprise and a traditional corporate in development lead-time is 200x faster. Getting it right can truly revolutionise the impacts that your software is making.