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Delivery Audit

Delivering software projects is not a simple matter. There are many ways in which a team can fail. Everyone in software development will have been party to failure at some point in their lives.

Reasons for failure can be identified during a post-mortem, but it is far better to spot potential failures in advance.

Our Delivery Audits are designed to be executed in very small windows. Once we are engaged, we act very quickly in order to save a project from any further delays. The steps we take are listed below.


Our delivery audit service is designed to quickly and comprehensively identify areas of concern. This is done in a matter of hours if the relevant client resources are available.


Having identified high-risk areas, we can delve deeper and investigate the exact nature of each potential issue. It is important to get to the root cause of each issue by tracing through the decisions that were taken at each juncture.


Once we fully understand the issues, we will recommend the best way to resolve them with practical steps that can be taken immediately. More complex problems require longer-term fixes, but short-term workarounds can be recommended in the interim.


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