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Cloud Strategy

Getting your cloud strategy right is the first critical step to successfully leveraging this technology to drive huge business benefits.

We are experts in formulating the correct cloud strategy for each business, given the individual needs and demands. We work closely with you to ensure we produce a strategy that fits your requirements.

The flexibility of cloud computing means that capital costs can be reduced to nothing, but massive power and scalability is available at the push of a button. Whether it is temporarily leasing virtual web servers for an expected spike in Black Friday traffic, running a neural network across your trading stock data or testing a disaster recovery plan, the cloud is always available to meet your future business needs, when you need.

The service offerings in the cloud also mean that it is possible to abstract away unnecessary supporting configuration and infrastructure. Providers such as Heroku and Pivotal Cloud Foundry make it so that developers can concentrate on their applications, and the nightmare of micro-managing configuration changes, unsupported hardware and other limitations are no longer hindering actual application development.

Forward-thinking organisations turn to us to help them understand the complexities and risks involved in cloud adoption; and also to design, build, test and run cloud services.

Our comprehensive analysis of your business goals and requirements will drive the development and execution of a cloud strategy that delivers savings, scalability and efficiency.

What We Offer

With the possibilities and number and types of providers in the cloud computing space the market has become overwhelming. Often enterprises know that their future lies in the cloud, but analysis paralysis keeps them from going further.

Pioneer Labs have experience with every major cloud provider and their service offerings. We can guide you to the most cost-effective solution for your business goals. We will ensure that your cloud projects are delivered in a way that completely integrates into your existing business and work closely to ensure that the services can grow when you need them to. We also work on private cloud hardware – where you choose to host a cloud provider’s own services and even servers in-house so they are private and under your full control for either security or regulatory reasons.

We are specialists in AWS and Google Cloud technologies.

Our cloud strategy consulting team can help you with:

Cloud Readiness Assessment

We assess and document business and IT drivers and determine your readiness for adoption of the cloud. This includes an enterprise cloud business case, enterprise business strategy and enterprise cloud migration roadmap.

Cloud Suitability of Assets

We establish which business and IT assets are most suited for cloud migration and identify relevant cloud services and capacity requirements.

Cloud Strategy Definition

After a careful assessment of your technical and business requirements, we define a clear future state vision, migration model to the cloud and a strategic implementation roadmap. We also define vendor suitability, a change management process and a global rollout strategy.

Cloud Enterprise Architecture

Based on the cloud strategy, we will create a sophisticated cloud enterprise architecture that brings the strategic vision to life. The design will ensure the cloud strategy is realised to its full potential, whilst minimising cost.

Proof of Concept

We build a rapid proof of concept to ensure any high risk areas are proven out, thereby mitigating against any future technical issues. This step will also help to solidify the vision and demonstrate the benefits to other stakeholders.

Full Cloud Realisation

We have deep expertise to build, test and run cloud services. We adopt best practices to drive high quality outputs from both on-shore and off-shore teams. Our delivery is always on schedule and will meet the highest of expectations.


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