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Big Data

What does it mean?

Big Data is used to refer to both the masses of information now available to a company on any topic it wishes, but more usually to the process of connecting different sources of data to present joined-up actionable insights into a market, customers, competitors or themselves.

The modern enterprise doesn’t lack for data and data sources. The amount of data available is phenomenal. Whether it’s the bank’s own systems, customers on a website or publically available lakes of data – the possibilities are endless. The answers to cost-reduction, increased profitability and predicting the next competitive edge are already in the data.

What can it do?

Algorithmic AI trading, counter-terrorism and traffic routing for logistics are some of the answers that Big Data is providing.

In the enterprise, client habits, preferences and behaviours are the primary focus of Big Data projects. Great data scientists can pull out the fundamental drivers to provide strategy and direction – whether it’s a new product launch, web “stickiness” or opening a new market.

How can we help?

The secret to Big Data is in understanding and focusing on where the challenges lie. Pioneer Labs know that asking the right questions is only half the battle. Getting answers quickly and efficiently is where the Big Data leaders separate themselves.

We will ensure that your Big Data project delivers actual opportunities, not just interesting facts.