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Enterprise Automation

Many businesses find that they still require a great deal of manual processing. A PwC benchmark report found that in the finance function, automation could reduce by up to 46% the time and cost of key processes such as billing, management reporting, general accounting and budgeting. Finance professionals then would be able to focus on higher-value activities, such as analysis that could lead to breakthrough insight.

Many business processes can be automated away, reducing costs and helping organisations to become highly efficient. Automation enforces a fluid, repeatable workflow which is free from human error. Automated workflows work around the clock to help an organisation to both survive and thrive.

Automation can take numerous forms such as the deployment of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots, or the use of a more robust method such as systems integration. The recent rise of Blockchain has enabled Smart Contracts to now also be used to automate certain workflows and Machine Learning has also recently become a big player in automation.

What We Offer

Rather than committing budget to a large automation programme, we advise clients to start with small automations that deliver the largest value.

Cost-Value Mapping

Our first step is to work with you to identify the areas that could deliver the largest cost saving or value realisations. This requires a series of meetings and workshops that produce a cost-value mapping.

Automation Strategy

This analysis then inputs into our automation strategy report which highlights how best to automate various small areas of your business operation with chosen technologies that deliver the best solution fit.

Automation Delivery

Having picked the highest value area to automate, we start building a solution for a sub-process within that area. This enables our clients to experience the speed of our delivery and realise benefits of the solution before it is rolled out to the wider organisation.


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