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Artificial Intelligence

What can it be used for?

Artificial Intelligence is now thoroughly out of the realm of science fiction and in our everyday lives. Whether it is movie recommendations on Netflix, shopping recommendations on Amazon or detecting fraud on your credit card – smart companies are already using artificial intelligence as an integral part of delivering and improving their services to their customers.

The next expected growth area for artificial intelligence is in cyber security. Corporate hackers, fraudsters and even governments hacking each other are now the norm rather than the exception. The ever changing methods of attacks, exploits and counter-defences mean that detection using traditional methods of finding and closing backdoors and exploits is too slow, costly and damaging. Artificial Intelligence is being leveraged to detect and even predict where cyber attacks and compromised data will occur – and stop it.

The use of AI in customer services has exploded in the last year. Chatbots can now effectively deal with customer queries, reducing the cost base and providing an instant available result to the customer. It’s even possible to order taxis and pizzas by using a chat bot.

How can we help?

Pioneer Labs will help you on every step of your artificial intelligence journey. We will identify areas of your business that will most benefit from using artificial intelligence, help you select the business outcomes you require and then show you the type of artificial intelligence that achieves those outcomes.

More importantly we will work with you to deliver a completed AI solution INTO your business, within your full control, up-skilling your teams to ensure that your AI solution can continue to grow and expand as your enterprise does.