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Agile Lean and Everything in between

What can it do?

Everyone in software knows about Agile and there isn’t a developer left who doesn’t have agile written somewhere on their CV. At the enterprise level CIOs and boards now take it as read than a new project will be delivered “using Agile”. Even construction companies and design agencies are now considering themselves Agile.

The benefits are tantalising – reduced costs, quicker time to market, greater flexibility, better business impacts. The Agile manifesto has 4 values and 12 principles. Yet Agile nowadays comes with an overwhelming set of practices, tools, titles and even competing methodologies. Scrum, Kanban, Scumban, XP and more and more…

Lean is a methodology that is now seen as a way of implementing agile, complimenting it and reaping even deeper benefits. Doing more with less is fundamental to business expansion and profitability. The Lean practices were born out of Lean Manufacturing – with the drive to reduce waste. Software projects are the largest investment item on many corporations’ budget and yet the wastage and variation in outcomes within them is enormous. Lean and its sister methodology Six Sigma formally measure and reduce these waste and variations.

Why does it fail?

The clamour to say “we’re agile” means that it’s becoming less and less possible to even admit to not being Agile. Anyone that is involved in software must be seen to be doing agile or they are out of a job. Yet, the reality is that whilst some Agile practices might be taking place – the actual benefits are being lost in a confusing dogmatic mess.

Developers stand-up in the morning, code all night and at the end of the over-budget,late and poor quality software project they do a retrospective to find out whose fault it was that it all happened again.

How can we help?

We know what Agile means and the benefits it’s meant to deliver, but more importantly we know how to transform teams and enterprises to actually deliver those benefits. As agile consultants on your projects we don’t deliver reams of Powerpoint (although you can have them if you want) but we will demonstrate and be responsible for the successful outcomes in those projects.

Using your own people, we’ll identify the biggest levers to turnaround results and prove that Agile is still the go-to methodology when it matters.

Our aim is to do this in the shortest possible time – the time for a team to be delivering business value was yesterday – not after a year long “transformation” project.

Call us today to find out we can truly make teams deliver on-time, on-budget and stay sane.