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Agile Drive

Agile Drive is a proprietary methodology that Pioneer Labs developed to help our clients to repeatedly and predictably deliver successful projects.

It’s a proven method that has been battle hardened over the last several years and can be adopted by any project.

Key Features


There is a balance to be struck between the extremes of command-and-control and the wide-open approaches that are most commonly adopted in agile teams. We have found that teams that are driven by delivery experts gather pace many times faster than teams that are left to organise themselves organically. Eventually, these teams begin to perform independently and no longer require to be driven. Agile Drive enables a standard team to transform into a high performing team.


The need for Agile Drive arose from the vagueness that is often associated with existing agile methods. There are many different agile methods which address particular difficulties of previous ways of working. Organisations often bring together a patchwork of different agile methodologies which often results in further confusion amongst the delivery teams. We know that teams require clear direction in order to work collectively in the most effective manner possible. Agile Drive provides clear guidance to teams so that confusion is replaced with clarity.


Many existing methods address a small segment of the software development lifecycle. We found that by taking a much more holistic view of a project, we are able to organise teams, artifacts and approaches in way that favour successful and early delivery. We start with the initial concept or need and organise all variables all the way through production releases and operations.


Almost all existing methodologies shy away from recommending any particular tools to assist teams to achieve success. We have found that by adopting the most useful tools, productivity of a team can be multiplied and so it is important to provide a recommended toolset which is updated over time as more tools become available.


Outside of software development, there are several practices that can be applied or “plugged in” to a standard delivery team in order to boost performance and mitigate mistakes.


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