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Established in 2016, Pioneer Labs is a relatively young company, but it achieved a multi-million pound turnover and clients across the globe in its first few months of trading. Demand for highly skilled technologists is at an all-time high, especially since the rise of Cloud, Blockchain and Automation.

We are technology strategists and delivery experts with many decades of experience. Our clients require the very best experienced and skilled partners to consult on the latest technologies and how best to deliver business critical applications.

Everyone’s brain is wired differently. The founders of Pioneer Labs,¬†Filippo di Pisa and Gurvinder Singh, found that their brains were wired for technology and delivery. They have excelled in this sphere for decades and continue to innovate at the highest level.

Filippo and Gurvinder remain personally involved in every single project that Pioneer Labs takes on. To date, Pioneer Labs has not failed to deliver a single client commitment.

The future for Pioneer Labs is incredibly exciting, as it expands rapidly to meet global demand.


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